There Was a Man Called Jim

By David Chitty

There was a man called Jim,
He couldn't swim,
I suck at poetry,
This doesn't even rhyme.

But, wait,
Poetry doesn't have to rhyme,
Not all the time,
Maybe I don't suck after all,
You can catch fish with bait.

Any poem is beautiful,
Apart from this one,
I'm making this up as I go,
Typing on my phone,
I miss playing the fool.

This poem doesn’t make any sense,
At least I have a few pence,
Can I call myself a poet?
I have a lawn, I’d like to mow it.

Poems don’t have to rhyme,
I’d like to eat a lime,
Poetry comes from the heart,
Not a thesaurus,
Good luck rhyming with thesaurus,
I’m gonna stop this now,
End it with a pow,
This poem is aurous.

© 2016 David Chitty

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